Welcome to the Internet's only site devoted to the Cameron Heartometer Company.  From 1937 through 1976 Cameron Heartometer provided state-of-the-art cardiac instrumentation to thousands of doctors, universities and governmental entities worldwide.  They began as a small affiliated division of Cameron's Surgical Specialty Company, but later broke off to form an independent corporation.  With Cameron Heartometer now only a memory, we thought that the world should know more about our old family business.

On the following pages you will learn the history behind the instruments, their tireless promoters and how they kept a 1920s product viable for five decades.  This company was my grandfather and father's passion.  It's our pleasure to tell their story...  

A History of Cameron Heartometer Company, from 1937-1976
Biography of the man who "was" Cameron Heartometer, Dr. Alexander Sebastian Cameron (1891-1978)
The Mechanics Behind the Machine: from the Journal of the American Medical Association, August 6, 1938
An excerpt from Heartometer - Cardiovascular & Related Facts Graphically Depicted, 1963 edition, detailing how to operate the Heartometer
Calibrating the Heartometer: A photographic journey behind the doors of Cameron Heartometer Company
The Cameron Heartograph - - Heartometer machines could not function without these unique, round paper graphs 
Your invitation to a Cameron Heartometer lecture, given by Dr. Alex Cameron
Photo gallery featuring Cameron Heartometer Company images, including its products and personnel 

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