Clan  Cameron  Association  ~  Lake  Michigan  Branch

Welcome to our home on the Net!  The Lake Michigan Branch is an entity of the Clan Cameron Association, being initially authorized as a Chapter on January 1, 1998 and becoming a Chartered Branch on October 2, 2002.  Our membership area consists of Illinois, Northwestern Indiana, Southern & Central Iowa, Western & Central Michigan, and Eastern & Central Wisconsin; essentially the area surrounding Lake Michigan, thus the name!

The Lake Michigan Branch publishes its own newsletter and attends various Highland Games and Scottish Festivals throughout the area, in addition to its own social events.  On behalf of our Branch I would like to extend an open invitation to those of recent Cameron ancestry, and also those who might belong to one of our septs, to "unite" with the Camerons of the Lake Michigan area - those resolute Scots who honor their ancestor's memories, while having an outstanding educational and social experience!

Over 50 Cameron families have joined our branch of the Association - why not embrace your proud heritage also?

Yours Aye,

Alan R. Cameron
Lake Michigan Branch President

  Sons of the Hound have visited since January 1, 1998